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Many people, upon picking up a Bible for the first time, begin reading in Genesis (the first book) and have great intentions of continuing all the way through Revelation (the last book).  The majority of those who try this method become frustrated and discouraged and discontinue reading within a few weeks.  We’ve developed a 3-Step reading and study plan which will provide a good overall knowledge of the Bible before attempting to read it in its entirety.  In the first step, the reader will become familiar with some of the best known portions of the Bible.  The second step will provide the reader with a good overall view of the Bible.  Finally, the reader will read thru the entire Bible books in a non-consecutive order that will prevent us from getting bogged down.

We suggest that you read The Basics prior to beginning and read the Bible Interpretation Guide during your reading.  As always, please send us any comments or suggestions that you might have.

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