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I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished.  Matt 5:18
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(Hebrew & Greek)

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Hebrew Greek
א   alef Α α   alpha
ב   bet, beth Β β   beta
ג   gimel Γ γ   gamma
ד   daled, dalet, daleth Δ δ   delta
ה hey, he Ε ε epsilon
ו   waw, vav Ζ ζ   zeta
ז   zayin Η η   eta
ח   chet, cheth, het, heth Θ θ   theta
ט   tet, teth Ι ι   iota
י   yud, yod, yodh Κ κ   kappa
כ ך kaf, kaph (final kaf) Λ λ   lamda
ל   lamed, lamedh Μ μ   mu
מ ם mem (final mem) Ν ν   nu
נ ן nun (final nun) Ξ ξ   xi
ס   samekh Ο ο   omicron
ע   ayin Π π   pi
פ ף pey, pe (final pey) Ρ ρ   rho
צ ץ tzadi, tsadi, zade, sadhe, tsadhe (final tzadi) Σ σ


sigma (final sigma)
ק   kuf, qof, qoph Τ τ   tau
ר   resh Υ υ   upsilon
ש   sin Φ φ   phi
ש   shin Χ χ   chi
ת   tav, taw Ψ ψ   psi
      Ω ω   omega

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